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18.04.2017, Words by dummymag

10 Best Tropical Festival Favourites according to The 2 Bears

The 2 Bears are one fifth of Hot Chip, Joe Godard, and ex-press officer and house aficionado Raf Rundell. With two albums and a handful of EPs under their belts they are now firmly a part of London's house music furniture but they still have a spring in their step. With a host of festival appearances on their summer 2017 schedule, including an appearance at the 'immersive' Lost Village Festival, the duo put their furry heads together and came up with a ten best that offers the perfect festival soundtrack.

Herb Alpert – ‘Rise' 

The 2 Bears: "Irresistible music. Echoes of two golden eras. Peak Herb! 'Rotation' on the flip. Shirts undone to the waist in the golden sun of a younger time. We play 'Rise' for reassurance."

Metronomy – 'Old Skool' Trevor Jackson Remix 

"Don Trevor must leaky-leaky, a globe gone ga-ga ! Quick! And you might still be able. Big Tone takes it back to The Big Apple pre zero-tolerance. Shake your bum-bum to the beat-beat."

Raf Rundell – 'Right Time’ 

"A simple bassline, a sentimental vocal. Some pensioners doing Vogue Chi in Margate. We’ve all done Vogue Chi after a few Malibus innit. The backlash begins!"

Kornel Kovacs – 'Josey's Tune’

"Sweet Swede bangs the pots and pans and will never tire. Outdoor piper to rally the troops. Boom!" 

Leron Carson – ‘Lemonlime’

"Citrus themed party-nagger par-excellence from Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature dispensary and lifestyle hotline. The groove won’t quit."

Sylvester – 'Do You Wanna Funk' (Party Nails Refix) 

"Off the back of a DAT machine and into the hands of Party Nails. Bass for big speakers in a field. Sly and Patrick in San Fran. PUMPING IT UP!!!"

Omar S – 'Party Marty' 

"A little goes a very long way in the hands of Omar S. With grace and natural timing he will move you." 

Funkadelic – 'Ain't That Funkin Kinda Hard On You' (Louie Vega Remix)

"George will tell you straight…It was hard when I started, it’ll be hard when I get through. Kendrick drops in and doesn’t put a foot out of place. Grand Master Louie still hard at work. East Coast West Coast Outernational."

Jook 10 – 'Slaughter' 

"Kicks N Snares. Windows rattle. XR3? XR2? No one’s really looking at your shoes. Big up SE LDN’s finest."

Minor Science – 'Naturally Spineless' 

"Work this one out please, for I cannot. A fierce beauty. Saunters in casually then fingers you in the bum without a by-your-leave. Magical."


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