23.10.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby


Dressed in the shifting light of the projections at the Software and NNA Tapes party in Williamsburg, Harmonizer’s Toby Aronson and Greg Davis lean over their table of electronic wizardry (and a couple of laptops) on stage. They play the four songs from their recent ‘World Complete’ EP in order, and live it hits home that in fact they’re not four songs but four movements from the same piece. They use the very good sound system to full effect: synth washes rush and release across the room, entering the body in one ear, leaving through the other and flooding the lungs in the process. The oceanic feeling of the EP is intensified live: the waves tower taller, the crashes splash harder. They push on to that final peak of World Complete and then release for one last time, the crowd cheering and then dispersing to catch their breath back.

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