19.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Odd Future at SXSW

Odd Future came on with the now-famous shouts of “Swag! Swag! Swag!”, and it was actually, really, really exciting. Tyler burst on in his green balaclava, jumped into the crowd and threatened to kick the front-row’s cameras. Free bottles of water (cheers Fader! Cheers Fiat!) and free cans of Budweiser (cheers Fader! Cheers Fiat!) were thrown at the stage, and the band threw them back into the crowd. They made the crowd chant “Fuck the police”. People sang the words to French and Tyler mimed out the hanging bit of the Yonkers video. For many people, OF are the most important band in the world, and of all god-knows-how-many acts playing, these were the most hyped, but they treated it like it was just another fun, dumb, cool thing that they’ll laugh about later. A crew of toerags with serious smarts, Odd Future are here.

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