16.05.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 35 // Photonz

Marco Rodrigues and Miguel Evaristo are the brains behind Portugal’s PHOTONZ. They’ve been stirring up dancefloors for last couple of years with releases on labels including Astro Lab, Living, DIRTY and the now sadly defunct Dissident. With not one but two remixes of Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir’s At The Bonnie Brook upcoming on the former (their Lisbon Funk remix is especially smoking), they whipped up this heady low-ceiling/sweat-dripping mix for Dummy (download it on the right). 3am eternal.

What kind of mix have you made?

Not sure. Dancefloor but not over-coherent, it’s all beat-mixed but diverse – even though they’re all club tracks. Old school unclassics with new stuff.

Please tell us about a couple of the tracks you’ve included and why.

Dan Fun The D.F. Soundsytem 4” on Borft Records, which is an obscure techno record released in 1997 by an artist and label that we had no clue about and it’s killer. We got hold of this thanks to our amazing local record shop FLUR, which tracked down copies of it. Acidic and raw but funky and unique. Tonight by Urban Dreams, released in 1994 by Portuguese label Kaos Records, because it’s one of our favorite records of all times. Must also mention Square One by Mosca, on Night Slugs – such a tune.
What have you got coming up release-wise?

We are currently remixing Anthony “Shake” Shakir for Astrolab Recordings and have a 12inch coming out soon on Get The Curse Music. There’s also another 12inch on Republic of Desire and the release of our own label One Eyed Jacks later this year. We’ll be working on more remixes and trying to finish our album.

What’s the music scene in Portugal like? Any hot tips?

The Portuguese music scene is exciting at the moment. You have some big names like Social Disco Club or Octa Push and a lot of amazing new music by acts like Tropa Macaca, Gala Drop, ZNTN, Marfox, Ritchaz & Kéke, etc. Check for the dope rappers A.M.O.R., currently making a new album with some productions made by us. There are also lots of amazing but really underground DJs like Major, Javenger Dourado, B.R.O.S., Mário João, Igor aka Lost in Space, TROL2000, STVS, Flip and more. Pay attention to the soon-to-be labels Príncipe and Peixinho.

Who’s been getting you excited musically at the moment?

Tropa Macaca, VVV, Snuff Crew, Jared Wilson, Kyle Hall, Tapes, Detroit In Effect, Oni Ayhun, Steve Summers, Actress, DVA, Traxx, Redinho, etc

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Looking forward to see records of our own labels out there. We also want to finish our album really bad.

What’s your favourite colour?

Blue and red.

Photonz myspace

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