01.09.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 88 // Andy Butler

Hercules And Love Affair have been throwing the fun, glitz and sultry sleaze back into disco ever since their releasing their first single Blind back in 2008. This year they released their second album ‘Blue Songs’, a set of sensually engaging, slick pop. The main man behind the band is DJ Andy Butler, who has been on the New York scene since the age of 15. As well as his duties with the band, he’s also recently set up the label Mr. Intl, which is set to release his next record Give It To Me, a collaboration with producer Jason Kendig. He’s thrown together a mix of old R&B and funk for us, which is sure to get you moving and, in his own words, helps you “feel where boogie comes from”.

How’s it going?

Life is kind of like a long lasting sports event, where I really cherish the moments when I am “benched”. They don’t come often. It’s about endurance and navigating through a minefield of difficult decisions and personalities sometimes. The real down to earth answer is, things are good, we are going to America for a three week run as part of the identity tour.

Please tell us a bit about the mix?

The mix was made for my partner at the time and sometime collaborator, Jason Kendig, to show him a bit of my taste in funk and old R&B and stuff. What can I say? It was super fun to play proper funk tracks and really feel where boogie comes from.

How has the summer festival season been treating you? Any notable shows/sets that stick out thus far?

Slammin summer yes, it’s been good. Best time was in Norway, shortly after the horrible events there. We played a grand, inspired set and then had a great afterparty.

Please tell us a bit about your next release on Mr Intl, Give It To Me?

Give It To Me is the second Butler/Kendig release, obviously inspired, to those in the know, by early LFO. The rattling vocal sample was Kendig’s doing. It’s a very cool track, has some brains to it if you ask me.

What’s coming up for you over the next few months?

Touring, producing some other artists, hopefully Kim Ann’s next EO, as well as Shaun’s next one and some new stuff in the pot.

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