Dummy Picks March 2014
09.04.2014, Words by dummymag

Dummy Picks 015 // March 2014

After numerous hold ups and delays, we're happy to finally be able to bring you our March staff mix. Selected by a handful of Dummy's contributors, the mix is made up of the very best music to have come out last month. You have Dutch E Germ's mutant sounds on UNO NYC, post-Based rap from ISSUE, dark pop music from Bernard + Edith, jackhammer rhythms from Evian Christ, and plenty more going on in here. It's all quite dark, but things pick up at the end with some delightful Jersey club from Sliink and Nadus.

01. Dutch E Germ – Nami Nami
Robert Darnell: "There was more to Dutch E Germ’s UNO NYC debut than a few seconds ending up on Kanye 'King of Collage' West’s New Slaves. With ‘IN.RAK.DUST’, the former Gang Gang Dance drummer delivered an album fit to burst with ideas: the mystical Nami Nami was the most potent potion on show."

02. ISSUE ft. Droop-E – Don't Trip
Anthony Walker: "A clear highlight of ISSUE's free album 'Liquid Wisdom' for me is this simple plea for a little calm and independence. The young rapper and his big brother Droop-E speak about dreams of living like hippies and laughing at old fears – and the beat by Oakland producer OSØ floats by like steam from the top of a cup."

04. Killing Sound – Eight Methods
Adam Harper: "Killing Sound is a side-project of three members of Bristol's Young Echo collective – Amos Childs (aka Jabu, Zhou), Seb Gainsborough (Vessel) and Sam Kidel (El Kid) – and their self-titled debut EP might be the ultimate in dub oblivion. My favourite track, Eight Methods, is a swirling ocean of gothic melancholy fit for any pleasant spring morning."

05. Bernard + Edith – Poppy
Selim Bulut: "Manchester's Bernard + Edith make dark pop music together that's inspired by Twin Peaks more than anything else, and debut single Poppy really captures the lingering darkness of that show without resorting to a generic jazz backing track and imitation Julee Cruise vocals. It's great."

06. Ghost Culture – Giudecca
Selim Bulut: "My big mistake with Ghost Culture was to hear a couple of his songs and assume that he was a dance producer. While he's obviously somebody that lives for dance music, and somebody that can produce dance music very well, Giudecca shows that he's incredibly adept at writing smart, melodic pop songs."

07. Evian Christ – Waterfall
Selim Bulut: "The title track of Evian Christ's new EP is an absolute bulldozer. I love how the lovely little piano introduced completely at random halfway through contrasts with the hammering beats that the track ends with."

08. Voices From The Lake – Velo di Maya
Zara Wladawsky: "Dozzy and Neel's hypnotic productions as Voices From The Lake reach new highs on this excellent release on new label The Bunker NY, which was recently started by one of the Big Apple's premiere underground electronic music parties of the same name. The way it slowly unfurls, with its ethereal, voice-like pads weaving in and out of the loping bass, feels like an out-of-body experience."

09. DJ Richard – Benzos
Karen Ka Ying Chan: "New York-via-Berlin underground imprint White Material has only been operating since 2012, but it's attracted enough attention to make it one of the beloved labels around right now. Their fifth release is an explosive offering from co-owner DJ Richard. After nearly three minutes of build up, you think that it'll progress into something unhinged and industrial, but these lovely chords start slipping in half way through the track. The industrial nature of it sits in deliberate contrast to the romantic, melodic elements – a sound I relate to most."

10. Mr. Mitch – I Do My Job
Robert Darnell: "2014 has been a diamond year for the Boxed/Gobstopper producer so far. Not content with an excellent EP release and his growing collection of Peace Edits, I Do My Job is a since-wiped Soundcloud gem built on a few quotable moments from MC Terminator’s magnificent Young Marv diatribe. Do you do your job?"

11. Ciara – Body Party (Sliink and Nadus remix)
Anthony Walker: "This track isn't actually new, but it's new to me, as is Nadus – a DJ and producer from New Jersey I discovered through Just Jam's low key but triumphant not-at-the-Barbican broadcast. Tim & Barry have always provided a good platform for new sounds and scenes, and the mash-up of Baltimore and Philadephia dance music, rap, and hooks taken from chart hits, films, TV shows, mobile phone sounds, and whatever else in Jersey Club fits them well. Nadus's short set was full of sharp R&B edits like this simultaneously jacked up and mellowed out take on Ciara's Body Party made with fellow Brick Bandits member DJ Sliink."


01. Dutch E Germ – Nami Nami
02. ISSUE ft. Droop-E – Don't Trip
03. Killing Sound – Eight Methods
04. Bernard + Edith – Poppy
05. Ghost Culture – Giudecca
06. Evian Christ – Waterfall
07. Voices From The Lake – Velo di Maya
08. DJ Richard – Benzos
09. Mr. Mitch – I Do My Job 
10. Ciara – Body Party (Sliink and Nadus remix)

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