22.05.2009, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 05 // Milky Disco

A couple of years back, a CD compilation called Milky Disco came out, and it still stands as totally the best primer for cosmic-nu-space-slow-mo-whatever disco. Lo Recordings just put out volume II, Let’s Go Freak Out, and it sounds like the end of cosmic disco and start of something wilder, more soulful and even more beautiful. We asked Jon Tye, who runs things at Lo and curated both CDs, to make us mix, and luckily, it’s just as outward-looking, adventurous and genre-marking as the album. Cheers Jon!

What’s the idea behind this mix?
I guess it moves from the roots of electronic disco with Giorgio Moroder through to contemporary disco, taking in plenty of different vibes along the way. These are some of my current faves and I’d like other people to hear them too.

Milky Disco II sounds very different from Milky Disco I – how do you think the scene has changed?
Well I hope it’s changed – it needs to keep changing to stay interesting. I wanted to focus on tracks that are really stretching the envelope. There are tracks on the album that some people wouldn’t consider ‘disco’ at all – but that’s the point. When disco started, it was wide open, with people like David Mancuso playing everything from Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks to Buddhist chants and Edgar Winter.

Can we even call it disco any more?
Disco is a state of mind…

Any tips for new music?
Well that’s partly the point of Milky Disco, to point out new acts like Ghost Note, Nite Jewel, Canyons and Gatto Fritto. I’m really enjoying american act like Emeralds, Growing and Oneohtrix Point…and the present and extra life on Loaf are both amazing. there’s so much going on at the moment….

1. Harry Thumman – I’m Happy To Be In The Sun
2. Giorgio Moroder – Utopia Me
3. Nathan Fake – Castle Rising
4. COS/MES – Iron Deck
5. Ghost Note – Pissed and Passed Out
6. Black Devil Disco Club – Is Sorrow (Brain Machine’s Lucifer Rising Dub)
7. Woolfy vs Projections – Return Of Starlight (Invisible Conga People remix)
8. Dark Captain Light Captain vs Hatchback – Questions Dub

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