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22.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Alak - My Love Is The Best (Patten remix) [MP3]

A remix of a song from Californian musician Alak’s album ‘GROUPS’ by London producer patten [no capital P] , whose forthcoming album ‘Glaqio Xaacsso’ will be coming out in September. patten’s work stands out from the haze sea, composing his IDM jams with a looseness that sticks to rhythm in an organic and instinctive way. His ability to seek out a groove, play with it, string it out to the limit in a manner that is always unusual and hypnotising, is demonstrated well here. You can download the MP3 now, and then join us in being pretty excited about the album.

No Pain In Pop will release Patten’s album ‘GLAQIO XAACSSO’ on the 27th September 2011

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