New Music
07.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Are these new Actress tracks?

Yesterday, Actress Tweeted a link to an anonymous Soundcloud page. The south London-based producer is known for his oblique strategies, as much as his thick, immersive techno, so the idea that he would head a page “thenemosuite”, use an image of a 21st-century floating Mayan temple and upload three new tracks ahead of his album release is easy to imagine. Furthermore, the page’s handle is “AZD”, one of the names Actress has given himself previously.

The below songs sound more like unmastered sketches than full songs, but no less exciting for the fact. Whether these are more clues to the sound of ‘R.I.P.’, Actress’s third album, or just some flickers on the screen of the data wave is unsure. That you should be curious is not.

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