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06.12.2021, Words by Billy Ward

Flamango Bay's indie anthem 'Fishing For The Sun' is about "acknowledging life's hard realities"

"In astrology your sun sign represents your identity, so fishing for the sun could mean trying to figure out who you are..."

San Fransisco band Flamango Bay today share their brand new single ‘Fishing For The Sun’, a dreamy indie pop number giving fans a taste of what’s to come from the trio in 2022.

Formed in high school by Ikaika Gunderson, Dash Goss Post, and Georgia Manou, the group’s fuzzy guitar music explores their shared experiences of living in the Bay Area, along with their activism in fighting for positive change within it. The track was written by Ikaika amidst a gender identity crisis, and it was the supportive environment cultivated by the prominent genderqueer and transgender element of the group’s local music scene that allowed them to explore feelings they suggest they may have pushed away for a long time otherwise.

“‘Fishing for the Sun’ is like finally coming to terms with and acknowledging life’s hard realities. You were ignoring something and now you’ve finally gone through what you needed to to be able to face it. Now you’re trying to figure out your place in the world moving forward,” the group says.

“In the case of Ikaika, their gender identity was the thing they were ignoring and ‘Fishing For The Sun’ was how they began to look at it head on and unpack it. They wrote this song during a very isolated part of quarantine, when a lot of people including themself were questioning and contemplating their identity. In astrology your sun sign represents your identity, so fishing for the sun could mean trying to figure out who you are.”

“The Bay Area’s essence has seeped into every thought we’ve had and all of the art we’ve made” the group add. “Our schooling taught us a lot about activism and critical thinking skills. The accepting environment of the Bay made us feel comfortable enough to start an indie rock band. Indie and rock music (and most music in general) are straight, white, cis, male dominated fields, but in the Bay Area there was a scene trying to change that which gave us the confidence to pursue that path.”

“If not for these activists and people of marginalised identities normalising being themselves, we wouldn’t have had the groundwork to express ourselves and our art.”

Stream ‘Fishing For The Sun’ below:

‘Fishing For The Sun’ by Flamingo Bay is out now on Moshi Moshi Records.

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