New Music
11.03.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

Hyetal - Northwest Passage

Hyetal has announced his second album ‘Modern Worship’ with the release of the single Northwest Passage today. The strident and percussive track is characteristic of the new LP, said to be as immersive but more abrasive than his 2011 debut ‘Broadcast’, and features experimentalist Gwilym Gold – who also co-wrote two other songs on the album and helped with additional vocals along with Hyetal’s long time collaborator Alison Garner. Stream the new track for yourself here, with the full tracklist for ‘Modern Worship’ below.

1. Forefathers
2. The City Is Ours
3. Playing The Game
4. Lake Rider
5. Northwest Passage
6. Left
7. Moving Statues
8. Lovers
9. Jam The Network
10. 1000 Lights
11. Cloud Bridge
12. Four Walls

True Panther Sounds will release the 12” single Northwest Passage on April 29th, with the album ‘Modern Worship out on May 20th.

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