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BNZ014 Henrik The Artist Friendship
01.04.2016, Words by dummymag

Listen: Henrik The Artist - Prologue

Big room trance feels, mirror image yung Justin Bieber doppelgänger fan-art and poetry. What more could one ask for? The opening track from your true friend Henrik The Artist's 'Friendship' EP on Activia Benz, maybe.

Prologue is a prologue and at 1 minute 15 seconds long, this is probably the best premiere we've ever run. Prologue is like the metallic taste of success you get from licking a plug, eating McDonald's on a Cherry B hangover, or meeting Justin Bieber IRL but then realising your iPhone just died and somebody snapped your selfie stick. Nobody believes you. Prologue has the rousing feels of the The National Anthem, if The National Anthem was recorded by Henrik inside a Poké Ball. Prologue warms you up but then, like a terrible lover, throws your Oreo McFlurry all over the floor and leaves you broken, alone, needing more!

Now I've listened to Prologue, I'm ready for full blown 'Friendship'. 


we were friends
you and i
good friends

we called each other
on the phone
we shared
each other’s secrets
we ran in the streets

but now
it is different

every time we meet
i still act a little as before
to get a glimpse
of what we were
because you are my friend

Henrik The Artist's 'Friendship' EP is out April 1st on Activia Benz.

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