New Music
06.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Pond – Fantastic Explosion Of Time

Before there was worldwide psyche sensation Tame Impala, keys members Nick Allbrook and Jay Watson formed a band with their mate Joseph Ryan called Pond in Daglish, western Australia. They released three albums – ‘Psychedelic Mango’ and ‘Corridors of Blissterday’ in 2009 and ‘Frond’ in 2010, and now, after Tame Impala blew up, they decided to shoot for the skies with ‘Beard Wives Denim’, their first release on super label Modular. You can hear the first track from it below, the oh-so-Yoko-titled warm, wandering psyche tune Fantastic Explosion Of Time.

Pond – Fantastic Explosion of Time by DummyMag

Modular will release Pond’s album ‘Beard Wives Denim’ on the 5th March 2012

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