New Music
31.08.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Premiere: Cid Rim - Poellau

There is a church in Poellau in Austria that has the most delicately extravagant, cherubic ceiling. I know this because someone has taken the trouble to take one of those 360 degree photos, which lets you spin through it like some kind of real-not-real kaleidoscope. There is something of that feeling to this new one from Vienna’s Cid Rim, a sense of spinning through a world of cut glass and expensive pigment. That feeling of wonder runs through all of jazz musician Clemens Bächer’s work as Cid Rim, a little more of which you can glimpse in this short video below by LuckyMe. The Glasgow label released Cid Rim’s debut album in August, which is really worth seeking out if you haven’t yet done so. In the meantime, download this ornate outtake below.

LuckyMe released Cid Rim’s debut album ‘Cid Rim’ on 7th August 2012

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