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30.05.2012, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Origamibiro - Impressions of Footfall (Plaid remix)

Origamibiro describe themselves as a multi-practice audiovisual artist collective. Tom Hill and Andy Tytherleigh provide the music for the project, making music and recording unusual sounds that visual artist Jim Boxall can go on to animate with his incredible moving images.

Origamibiro released the album ‘Shakkei’ last summer and have now released a remix version of it, featuring seventeen contributing artists including Plaid who reworked Impressions of Footfall, premiered by us here. Origamibiro’s original music is beautifully minimalistic, created by quiet and humble sounds that gently flit around each other. Plaid’s take on the track keeps the thoughtful humilty in tact, but brings in a whole lot more certainty and boldness to it with drums that hold all the pretty little noises together. The myriad noises all featuring simultaneously on the Impressions of Footfall remix contrast with its beauty to make it a slightly challenging listen, but very worth it once you’ve found a place within the quiet storm this London production duo have turned it into.

You can stream the Plaid remix of Impressions of Footfall below, and find out more about the ‘Shakkei Remixed’ album and tour here.

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