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15.03.2022, Words by Billy Ward

Speedboat announce their upcoming EP with new single 'Sadie Grey'

“It’s more personal and a little more socially engaged than the last EP..."

Following a lively 2021 which saw Brighton-based sibling duo Speedboat release their ‘Split The Bill’ EP, the brothers are back again with their first single of year.

Brothers Johnny and Will Griffiths have been making music together in their seaside hometown since 2017, finding inspiration in their father’s collection of vinyl spanning ’80s pop, indie and new wave.

Entitled ‘Sadie Grey’, the duo’s latest offering drops in line with the announcement of ‘Better Men’, a new EP which navigates everything from the Kinks to Kanye in order to create their playful pop soundscapes.

Whilst their last EP ‘Split The Bill’ explored themes of fictional romance, ‘Better Men’ treads more personal territory: “It’s more personal and a little more socially engaged than the last EP. Whilst the romance is still there, it’s a little more real this time.”

With its post-punk style bass lines and ghostly vocals, the new single is an abstracted retelling of Johnny’s experience trying to visit his girlfriend in France: After jumping through endless bureaucratic, post-Brexit-bullshit hoops; it’s difficult not to feel criminalised when crossing borders these days, even when you’re only crossing for love.”

The 6-track project is set for release on June 24.

Stream ‘Sadie Grey’ below.

‘Sadie Grey’ by Speedboat is out now on Moshi Moshi Records.

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