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21.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Teeth versus Wikipedia

Back at the end of January, Oneman’s expanding 502 Recordings tweeted a youtube link. Curious as ever, I clicked. Slow-mo chicks applying lipstick had me mesmerised. But equally as seductive as the girls in the video is the strung-out R’n‘B vocal, slow-ebbing synths and sparse woodblock percussion. This might be the first we’ve heard of Teeth, but his youtube videos and 45 min Boiler Room set of strictly personal material confirms he has plenty more up his sleeve. Expect more subtly explosive production and dark undertones on his forthcoming releases on Ramp and Noppa. Backed by a FaltyDL remix, Shawty drops on 502 next month. In anticipation of this, Teeth talked wiki to us.

Who are you?

My name is Matti, they call me Teeth.

What do you want?

Good food, 1,5 meters of table space, 5 power sockets with UK adaptors and 8 lines of a Mackie or Allen&Heath mixer. Emphasis on the good food.

How do you record?

At the simplest:
Either: Root > Music > Soundit > Sound XXX > Ableton live > track 1 > Drum Rack > Send A > Master
Or: Mic > MOTU > Ableton Live > line 2 > line 3 > Simpler > Send B > Master
Usually also do: Record > Technics > Mackie 1680 > MOTU > line 4 > line 5 > Simpler > Send B > Master
All versions exclude learned tricks, momentary quirks and occasional hardware routings.

What do you sound like?

Too low for a clear telephone conversation, it seems.

What are your favorite wikipedia links?

502 Recordings will release TEETH’s ‘Shawty’ in April.

Teeth plays We Fear Silence alongside Loefah, Joy O, Boddika, Ben UFO, Oneman, FaltyDL and more 23rd April at Cable.


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