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21.02.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

Young Scooter - Columbia (Remix ft. Rick Ross, Birdman and Gucci Mane)

The all-star remix to Young Scooter’s Colombia could have been a bloated throwaway affair, but Lil Lody’s beat still sounds so sublime that it could play forever, and the filthy rich trio enlisted to help it along do their bit well. Rick Ross, Birdman and Gucci Mane add new shades to the tale of d-boy economic self-sufficiency, but it’s only Young Scooter himself at the end who understands that a track like this is really made to be floated over. The virtues of the upcoming Atlanta rapper, strongly backed by Gucci and Future, can initially seem hard to pinpoint because he lacks the outright rapping skill of the former and the sonic idiosyncrasies of the latter, but his strength is in finding an interesting middle point: a blend of stark street narratives and soft melodic cadences that’s well supported by some really talented producers. Colombia and the mixtape ‘Street Lottery’ are highly recommended.

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