17.09.2012, Words by dummymag

Divorce's five greatest moments

this is a super draft article version. To celebrate the release of Divorce's debut album, we've charted five of the Glasgow noisy art punks finest moments.

We love Divorce. We don’t really know what Divorce’s opinion of us is, but we’d like to think they love us back. Irrespective of affection levels, they are releasing their self-titled debut album today on Night School Records. Divorce are mad and hilarious, so we thought we’d compile five great things that they’ve done to celebrate the release of the album.

  • Playing on the Royal Wedding
    Glasgow institution Optimo have a wicked sense of humour – you don’t get a much bigger middle finger to the institution than booking a band called Divorce to play as an alternative celebration of the Royal Wedding.
  • Hogmany
    Andy Brown from Divorce describes in wonderful and eloquent detail about their set at the Optimo Hogmany bash a couple of years ago in this Resident Advisor article. “The Fruitmarket’s security looked petrified and eventually, after about 10 minutes of this madness, erected a human wall between us and the crowd.”
  • Support slots
    We’re a twee and lar-dee-dar group here at Dummy. We don’t listen to too many genres that end in ‘core’, except when we want to pretend we were, like, proper into jungle and hardcore, you know? We’re used to listening to bands with names like Crystal Wolves, Holy Silvers and Stray Others, so the sort of band names you see on the same bills as Divorce are a kick in the nuts to us. Names like Neighbourhood Gout, Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister, Horse Bastard, Bitches and Queer’d Science are all bands that appear on just their most recent tour alone.
  • Calling their first record ‘Early Christianity’
    The first track on Divorce’s first EP was called Early Christianity.
  • ????
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