06.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Evenings - Friend [Lover]

Lush electronica from Friends of Friends' latest signing.

New Friends of Friends signing Nathan Broaddus, better known as Evenings, has announced a new LP of remastered tracks from his ‘North Dorm’ and ‘Lately’ EPs, coupled with previously unreleased material. As befits a label that understands the holistic importance of format and packaging to music, ‘Yore’ will be released on vinyl on 16th April.

Ahead of the release, the LA-based label have made Friend [Lover] available to stream. A lush chorus of enveloping synths peppered with deftly programmed percussion licks, it’s a track that touches on Boards of Canada and Bonobo at their most absorbing.

Friends of Friends will release ‘Yore’ on 16th April 2013

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