14.09.2011, Words by dummymag

James Ferraro - Condo Pets [stream]

Two brand new tracks from American underground pop hero James Ferraro.

LA-based prolific underground pop artist, “man with the moon-lit pompadour” James Ferraro has released his new digital EP ‘Condo Pets’ via Hippos In Tanks yesterday.

This ‘Condo Pets’ EP is designed to prelude to Ferraro’s latest album ‘Far Side Virtual’, due out on the 25th October. The intention of both releases is to explore his fascination of the surreal side of American living, which is an extension of a theme that can be found on some of his previous records; for example, the outstanding Olde English Spelling Bee-released ‘Last American Hero’ from 2009.

In the label Hippos In Tanks’ words, “What we find here is a work of pure modernism. a new index of futurism that abandons paranoia and anxiety for new thoughts on the dynamics between technology and humans, introducing us to a world of iPads and Augmented Humanity. A gesture towards a world gracefully empty of humans but filled with pure impressionistic beauty experienced through newly acquired appendages of the digital nature.”

Stream two new tracks from James Ferraro’s ‘Condo Pets’ EP below.

James Ferraro – Text Bubbles by Hippos In Tanks

James Ferraro – Eco -Tot by Hippos In Tanks

James Ferraro: ‘Condo Pets’ [Hippos In Tanks] tracklisting:

1. Text Bubbles
2. The Secret World Of Condo Pets
3. Eco – Tot
4. Life In A Day
5. Smoothies, Foodies, Flat Screens And Virtuality
6. Find Out What’s On Carrie Bradshaw’s iPod
7. Saint Prius

Hippos In Tanks will release James Ferraro’s ‘Far Side Virtual’ on the 25th October, 2011

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