09.12.2016, Words by dummymag

Playlist: The best new music

It's Friday and yes, you may still be sat at your desk but it's your god given right to let your hair down. That's why at the end of every week we put together some of the best music we've come across – so whether you're desk-bound, getting ready to paint the town black or just sitting in by candlelight with a chicken korma – you can simply click play and do what you gotta do.

Up this week: Leonce teams up with Neana, Second Storey turns up the temperature, Alis remixes Gnucci, S4U continue their reign over contemporary British R&B, and Riton follows up on the success of his insane mainstream crossover hit Rinse & Repeat with another track featuring Kah-lo.

Listen to the selections below, and get ready to clock off for the weekend.

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