15.09.2011, Words by dummymag

Vuurwerk - Naomi [stream]

Listen to a ethereal and swooning track by this Belgian producer.

Vuurwerk is giving out his new ‘Me’ EP for free. Not much information is given about this mysterious Belgian producer, but we’re sure about one thing – he makes dreamy, glitchy, and multi-layered music that can freeze time.

Naomi is taken from Vuurwerk’s four-track electronica/ noise/ experimental ‘Me’ EP. This ethereal slice of flickering beats starts off with swooning noise; the oscillating, swirling, looping synth lines slowly build up a dense and heavy soundscape which warmth is nevertheless retained by those overflowing, balmy vocals.

Listen to Vuurwerk’s Naomi below and download the rest of ‘Me’ EP on the Run Tell Secrecy site.

Vuurwerk – 3. Naomi by RunTellSecrecy

[Cheers, Boiler Room!]

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