DMY is a new kind of music company.

Our mission is to help artists make a sustainable income from their music while helping fans build better connections with the artists they love.

We do this using Web 2 and Web 3 including distribution, publishing and NFT services for artists and our magazine and community for artists, fans and industry.

Join us.


We’re a team of experienced A&Rs, journalists, DJs, curators, producers and entrepreneurs who have been working with the best new talent for the last ten years. We’ve got invaluable contacts as well as experience in management, distribution, recordings, publishing and live event promotion. We’ve worked with brand new artists and global stars. Most importantly though, we live and breathe music.

Haaris Sakar (Distribution A&R)

Alice Haine (Publishing A&R)

George Vatyliotis (Social / Marketing Manager)

Migle Kuzaite (Creative Producer)

Billy Ward (Editor)

Paul Benney (Founder / CEO)