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BxRod is the progenitor of a style she's dubbed "fantasy wave," a clever combination of R&B, alt-pop, electronic, and the sci-fi/fantasy visuals that she grew up watching in the Bay Area. The Filipino-American pop singer and songwriter started out making music by uploading her early tracks to SoundCloud. She played around releasing demos here and there before taking the full dive into music making, and it worked. She was featured on Cráneo's breakout hit "Cristal," which has amassed over 17 million streams to date on Spotify alone. It's no secret why. The singer got her enchanting musical chops straight from Berklee College of Music, having been trained in the art of classical music. That knack for all things musical has already struck a chord in the alt-R&B community, and it's only a matter of time before her reaches transcend it and "fantasy wave" becomes an international phenomenon.

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