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03.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

How To Dress Well - Love Yourself mix [MP3]

New York’s How To Dress Well has already given us one of the most enchanting releases of this year and last. ‘Love Remains’ – first released by Lefse last year, then re-released by Tri Angle in January – seeped into your brain, frail but insistent, and settled there like fine dust. The lone voice of artist Tom Krell wavering in just the right way, while spidery charged static sifts under and around it.

It’s amazing the heart you hear. This R&B and pop mix, with no tracklisting given, but you can probably work it out yourself, shows the foundations of his own work. Songs are sometimes treated in a way that adds distance, as though they’re just at the edge of hearing, giving the sensation that these are bits of your own memories. Mingling between happy and sad (as so much of the best pop does) the emphasis always, like with his own compositions, on packing as much feeling in as possible.

Tri Angle Records released How To Dress Well’s ‘Love Remains’ on January 31st

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