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30.08.2016, Words by dummymag

Dummy Mix 452 // Tom Blip (Blip Discs)

Established last year by Tom Blip, Blip Discs has come a long way in a matter of months, with the label's fourth EP from Leeds based percussionist and composer Spooky J joining existing efforts from O'Flynn and the label-head himself. An all out excursion into a percussive flurry of jazz licked house music, there's already high expectations for such a young and promising label.

Recently dropping a mix for South East London broadcasting platform Balamii, Tom has stepped up to the Dummy mix series for just over an hour of feelgood soul and disco that's bound to see you through these hot summer nights.

Listen to Tom Blip's mix below.

Spooky J's self-titled EP is out September 30th on Blip Discs.

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