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06.07.2012, Words by dummymag

10 of Steve Reich's finest moments

Steve Reich is arguably the composer who has influenced modern electronic music the most over the last 50 years. From a modern classical background, but with a reach from the most avant-garde ambience to straight up pop, Reich has impacted on artists like Kraftwerk to the latest influx of minimalist dubstep producers. This year marks Steve Reich’s 75th birthday, as well as his exclusive performance at Bloc festival this weekend so, to celebrate, here are 10 of his best compositions and live performances.

  1. ‘Music for 18 Musicians’ at Opera City Concert Hall in Tokyo, May 21st 2008
  2. ‘Guitars Galore’ UST Guitar Ensemble, March 26th 2001
  3. ‘Nagoya Marimbas’ January 16th 2010
  4. ‘Different Trains (Part I)’
  5. ‘Mallet Quartet’ performed by Amadinda Percussion Group on 36th Festival Internacional de Música de Espinho, Portugal 2010 July
  6. ‘Piano Phase (First ever solo performance)’, March 28th 2004
  7. ‘Drumming’ at Novel Hall for Performing Arts, October 3rd 2009
  8. ‘Clapping Music’ at University of Texas Solo Percussion Recital, 1972
  9. *‘Music for pieces of wood’ performed by NEXUS in Japan, May 29th 1984
  10. ‘South Bank Show – Part 1’
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