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24.05.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Arthur Russell's best songs

Cellist, disco producer, folk singer and patron saint of so much modern music Arthur Russell’s 60th birthday was on Saturday. In honour of the great man, we asked you for your favourite Arthur Russell song, and you answered with a pretty cool cross section of his work, from the folk-pop of Close My Eyes to the majestic minimalism of This Is How We Walk On The Moon. It serves as a nice “best of” for the man who only got his dues in recent years.

Thanks to everyone that voted on the Facebook ‘question’. If you haven’t already, you should ‘like’ us so you can vote on the next poll.

  1. This Is How We Walk On The Moon
  2. That’s Us / Wild Combination
  3. Kiss Me Again
  4. My Tiger, My Timing
  5. A Little Lost
  6. Is It All Over My Face
  7. Close My Eyes
  8. Habit Of You
  9. Our Last Night Together

# _Love Is Overtaking Me_

  1. In The Light Of The Miracle

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10 Best