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22.02.2018, Words by dummymag

The 10 best weightless tracks, according to Chevel

London-imprint Different Circles return with a unique new release courtesy of Italian-producer and Enklav label owner, Chevel. Run by Mumdance and Logos, two of London’s most innovative producers, the label focus on a form of beatless music coined under their very own term; ‘weightless’. 

Composed of nine tracks, Always Yours marks Chevel’s fifth studio album and his most focused and realised vision to date. As his music gages between experimental, IDM, techno and grime elements, he captures the essence of the label’s signature sound, filtered through his unique and forward thinking approach. In order to highlight his release, as well as the unusual term used to describe the music, Chevel has put together a selection of his top 10 ‘weightless’ tracks.

Check out the full selection below.


Franco Battiato – Za


Chevel: “Franco Battiato is probably my favourite Italian artist of all times. This piece is taken from his early experimental output, released almost 40 years ago.”


Lorenzo Senni – Digital Tzunami

“My favourite Lorenzo Senni tune is definitely 'Angel' but it’s not on YouTube. I love his work and admire his coherent approach when it comes to sound research and artistic identity. This track resonates with me a lot and it’s the perfect balance between tension and melancholy.”


patten – Towards infinite shores

“Wave emoji."


Flying Lotus – Endless White

“Probably one of my favourite FlyLo tunes, I feel like floating.”


Basic Channel – Radiance II

“Remember I looped this track for 3-4 hours while walking around in Berlin. Suddenly I burst into tears, think it was one of the most intense experiences of my life with music.”


Madtea – Rugrats Don't Techno for an Answer

“Weightless Drake.”


Chevel – Tailwind


Lee Gamble – Skorokhodz

“Fucking legend.”


Mumdance & Logos – Present Different Circles

“Have the comp CD in my car and i will never leave it. To me, this is the Weightless Manifesto, a milestone in electronic music.”


Koreless – Love



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