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22.07.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dogs doing lists #4: The Last Days of Disco

  1. 22nd February 1981: Dogs shouting “Disco lives!” and slapping a newborn to start it breathing.
  2. 11th December 1981: Dogs hoisting a spoonful of cocaine at Studio 54 and saluting, “To the Contras.”
  3. 29th July 1981: Dogs lying back and trying to think of England as the Queen enters the bridal chamber wearing an egg-stained floral negligee.
  4. 28th March 1979: Dogs striding confidently into the Three Mile Island containment building as Andy Gray enthuses in a lilting whisper, “Neither can live while the other survives.”
  5. 30th March 1981: Dogs pulling the trigger of a toy gun aimed at a televised image of Ronald Reagan, releasing a small flag reading “I Shot J.R.”
  6. 4th November 1979: Dogs storing the still-beating heart of Patti LaBelle in an underground missile silo.
  7. 12th July 1979: Dogs wheeling John Travolta into St. Peter’s and installing him, petrified in a leisure suit mid-dance maneuver, behind the Pietà.
  8. 18th November 1978: Dogs receiving a psychic premonition of the Jonestown Massacre and likening it to a thousand turntables abruptly ceasing to play “Stayin’ Alive” and skipping along in eternal silence.
  9. 4th May 1979: Dogs repeating eternally, “Do the hustle!” as the irradiated, burned-out husk of the Earth drifts slowly through the Solar System.
  10. 23 September 1982: Dogs bursting out of a cryogenic freezing tube filled with cocaine and shrieking into faces of their mummified loved ones, “Do you remember?!”

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