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30.03.2017, Words by dummymag

Formation's Top 10 Tim Westwood Guest Freestyles

Having already shone a light on the passions of Formation frontman Will Ritson and synth whizz Sasha Lewis we thought it was about time we found out a little bit more about the band’s bassist Jonny Tams, who incidentally loves hip hop just as much as we do. Having been first exposed to the sample heavy beats and slick rhymes of a number of the scene’s most legendary figures by Tim Westwood’s hugely influential show, Jonny picked out his ten favourite freestyles from the Big Dawg’s time on BBC Radio 1 with a short intro explaining just how important they were to shaping his musical identity growing up.

“Back when the source of new music was limited to the clubs, record shops and the radio, Tim Westwood was king. There were others doing great things but I will always remember tuning into his shows on a Friday night when more often than not he’d have rap legend's passing through, ducking the explosions and talking to that crazy voice.  It was a grown up world far removed from mine and I soaked up every word. His relationship with Funk Flex in New York was key, and so the same names would return again and again to his weird ass BBC studio and some truly great freestyle moments were captured and broadcast round our little country for all those getting ready to ‘hit the club’, and for those that were too young for that it was our little way of being included.

This list is an ode to that period and a nod to the man who has helped put UK rap on the map.”



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