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20.09.2022, Words by Billy Ward

The 10 Best Live Performances, according to purpl

"I would have LOVED to be in that room..."

Since being diagnosed with a neurological condition which means she can interpret colours in sounds, purpl has learnt to harness her synesthesia to toast her dreamy brand of pop music.

Following the release of her hazy R&B production ‘Tell All Your Friends’ earlier in the month, the Bristol-based alternative talent is readying up for a special live performance on Thursday September 22 at the halley, the beating heart of London’s creative community. Curated by DMY, the event features an exciting all-female line-up, including North West London R&B songstress Sabah Kenway and Manchester’s FLISS. Free tickets for the show are available here.

As the halley show edges closer, we spoke to purpl to uncover 10 of her favourite ever live performances. From Anderson Paak, through to Paramore and FKJ, this is an all-star list featuring some iconic videos.

1. Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals – NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

“This has to be my favourite Tiny Desk. Paak’s ability to sing so flawlessly whilst playing the drums is just mesmerising to me, this video showcases how talented he really is.”

2. Seal x Gallant – In the Room episode 2

“When I first found this video I had it on repeat. Seal’s tone is undeniable and Gallant’s technical ability to use his falsetto like that is next level! Not to mention the sexy saxophone just filling in the spaces. A flawless performance.”

3. Goo Goo Dolls – ‘Iris’ (Live in Buffalo, New York)

“This video gives me goosebumps, to be in that audience must have been a huge moment. I definitely would have cried (in a good way).”

4. Christine and the Queens – ‘People I’ve been sad’ | A Colors Show

“The way Chris embodies every single word he sings hypnotises me. His control is next level and this song alone really hits me in the feels I just love him.”

5. DMA’s cover Cher ‘Believe’ for Like A Version

“Hands down my favourite Triple J’s Like A Version! Tommy just looks like a regular guy and then boom. This beautiful voice comes out, and the way he hits the high notes on the chorus is magic. Really special cover of a Cher banger, can’t go wrong.”

6. Paramore – ‘Last Hope’ (LIVE)

“Hayley’s vocal performance is flawless and the overall mix is perfect. When the camera pans out to the audience and you see how huge a crowd it really is, it captures how special that moment must have been.”

7. John Mayer – ‘Slow Dancing In A Burning Room’ (Live in L.A.)

“Every single performance of his at the Nokia Theatre is incredible, but this one has to be my favourite. His tone, the guitar tone, his solo – it’s just next level. I wish i could have been there.”

8. FKJ & Masego – ‘Tadow’

“The fact that this whole thing was improvised is mental, not to mention the amount of different instruments they can both play. It’s actually intimidating how talented they both are! The song is also a massive vibe.”

9. Victoria Monét – ‘Jaguar’ (Live Session)

“I’ve gone for something a little different here. I love Victoria Monét and I love how she recreates her songs live. She holds her vocals so well whilst dancing like an actual goddess. I’d love to see her whole ‘Jaguar’ album live for sure.”

10. LIDO – ‘I Love You’ with KORK

“This one is one of my favourites ever. The combination of electronic sounds on top of an orchestra is so powerful and dynamic. I would have LOVED to be in that room, the sound must have been sensational.”

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