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27.09.2012, Words by Karen Chan

The 10 best personal tracks, according to Tama Sumo

When Kerstin Egert, better known as her production alias Tama Sumo, released her mix compilation for Panorama Bar in 2009, it was clear that with over two decades experiences, her sounds as a DJ spark and lie in her ability to deliver striking and consistent musical moments in precision, effortlessly providing the crowd a cross-genred selection and fully bringing to life the essence of a dancefloor. Indeed, the Berlin-based artist, who is one of the most respected figures in the local music scene, has been DJing since early 90s, and has landed residencies at some of the most well-known and legendary clubs like Tresor and the old Ostgut. She plays regularly at Berghain and currently has a residency at Panorama Bar. Having been a returning guest at the now defunct Süd Electronic series of clubnight, she has now officially joined the Süd family and became a label co-owner alongside Lakuti and Portable. Here, Kerstin explained 10 tracks close to her.

  1. Eddie & The Eggs – The Moon Is Pretty
    The Moon Is Pretty comes from the album ‘This Is Your Brain’, which was released in 2002 and which I got as a birthday present from my wife and I’m so happy that she made me discover this awesome, very versatile piece of music made by Maurice Fulton. Over the years I have discovered some great music through those nearest and dearest. This in turn makes the music even more special.
  2. Letta Mbulu – What Is Wrong With Grooving
    Another record I discovered thanks to my lovely lady. Shame on me, I didn’t know about this wonderful South African singer before as her voice as much as the whole track touched my heart very strongly.
  3. Chinawoman – Show Me The Face
    Thanks to a common friend I discovered this recently. One of the most beautiful pop songs I heard in a long while!
  4. Claude Young – Changing Factors
    One of my favourite Claude Young tracks on one of my favourite record labels: Frictional Recordings. No special personal story with this track – I simply love it!
  5. Foyer Des Arts – Wissenswertes Über Erlangen
    I chose this song from the Berlin band Foyer Des Arts because the town it describes in a very caricatured way of a guided tour holds very great memories for me. Erlangen might not be the most amazing city in the world, but it was the first place I lived for three years after finishing school and moving out of my parent’s house in 1987. The most important thing about Erlangen for me is that there I met three of my closest friends and I’m so so happy to have them in my life.
  6. The The – Giant
    Also very related to my time in Erlangen. I studied theatre and movie science there and at university they offered a weekly actor’s training course. The training always started with a proper warm up and this always started with this song. We all enjoyed the course a lot and even the fact that it started early in the morning did not deter us from attending.
  7. Mya & The Mirror – Hesitation
    Wonderful piece of music from the italo-disco era, produced by Maurizio Dami and with adorable vocals by Mya Fracassini. Discovered this track when I played in Chicago last year on a record hunting sojourn, so it always reminds me of the amazing time I had there.
  8. Joey Kay – Cliff Dweller’s
    Thanks to a very enthusiastic record seller in a small record store in Berlin, that does not exist anymore, I discovered this track back in the days. The guy just got it and was playing it when I was shopping there and he was so raving about it that he got me hooked! I‘m still grateful that he did!
  9. Nomadico – Ganas
    One of my most loved records this year – it kind of made my summer even if we hardly had any….have a nice drink, put the needle on the record and let the rhythm get you!
  10. Idris Muhamad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
    I close the list with very soppy moments. My wife and I had a long distance relationship for over 2 years, so there were many times of missing each other like crazy. In one of those moments she sent me the link with this track and it got me soppy immediately and made me survive this time in a very funky way.
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