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15.05.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

The 10 best tracks for the summer, according to Melé

Melé‘s young career as a DJ and producer has already earned him a reputation for both exuberance and eclecticism. His sets veer wildly from big-time party favourites, to fresh exclusives and personal inclusions remembered from GTA radio and old Tim Westwood mix CDs, all selected with a mind to just play what he and his audience will really enjoy. For this Dummy list, we decided to keep things simple and just ask him to tell us ten tracks, old and new, that he’s backing for the summer months.

  1. Rachel Wallace – Tell Me Why (M&M Full Vocal)
    Melé: “I first heard this song when I was getting into Old Skool Hardcore when I was about 13. The riff is my favourite rave riff ever, might play this one out over the summer!”
  2. Maya Jane Coles – Run With The Wild
    Melé: “There was a rip of this on Youtube I didnt stop playing for a few months, so glad its finally out! Definitely an after hours one.”
  3. Shy FX – Plastic Soul
    Melé: “Possibly my favourite Shy FX tune. I love the Micheal Jackson sample, think it was sampled by Fabolous in Baby around the same time as well which is also another one of my favourite tracks. I could listen to this on repeat.”
  4. Gat Decor – Passion (Naked Mix)
    Melé: “Played this on my Boiler Room set and seems to be one of the things that people always ask me to play, sampled on loads of big tunes including Everybody In The Place by Prodigy”
  5. Dem 2 – Destiny
    Melé: “I recently did a Garage only set in Liverpool and it reminded me how much I loved this track, going to be playing it alot this summer!”
  6. LL Cool J ft. Total – Loungin (Remix)
    Melé: “I was in L.A recently and this got played on the radio alot, was perfect for the weather over there!”
  7. MMM – Que Barbaro
    Melé: “Been playing this alot since it came out last month, we need more guitar samples in club music!”
  8. Orbital – Chime (Live Style Mix)
    Melé: “Watching Orbital play this at Glastonbury on the telly when I was about 12 was definitely life changing, Youtube it if you ain’t seen it!”
  9. Pizzaman – Trippin’ On Sunshine
    Melé: “Another one from my rave collecting days, love this track so much. One from Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim’s many aliases”
  10. Crooklyn Clan – Laydz
    Melé: “I found this on one of the early Westwood CD’s I used to collect religiously, still play it alot in my sets now!”

Melé will play alongside Ms. Dynamite, Toddla T and David Rodigan at Rodigan’s Ram Jam, held at The Forum on Friday 17 May. Full details and tickets here.

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