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03.07.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

The 10 best tracks of the moment, according to Moxie

Flame-haired DJ Moxie has been a regular on the wonderful NTS live since its inception in 2010, and in that time she’s also built a reputation from guest slots on both Kiss and Rinse FM, as well as playing at festivals all over the world. She’s a trusted voice when it comes to figuring out what music, new and old, is perfect for capturing whatever it is about the current mood that makes a room go off, which is why we got her to tell us about the records in her record box that are getting the most love right now. Some are fresh, others are rediscovered treasures: all are worth a spin for the smile they’ll put on your face.

Londoners can catch Moxie DJing in Bethnal Green on Saturday 13th July alongside Lil Louis and Floating Pointsmore on that here.

  1. Kingdom – Bank Head feat. Kelela [Fade To Mind]
    Moxie: “One of my favourite tracks at the moment and it pretty much gets played in every set. Kingdom is pushing some great music via the Fade To Mind label but I think his own release has to be my favourite. Kelela who provides the vocals really makes it for me, and reminds me of a young Mariah Carey. I’ve heard that her new material is another level and I think she is definitely one to keep an eye on. Perfect summer anthem.”
  2. Ph0t0machine – H.E.R [Technicolour]
    Moxie: “If I’m playing early I always give this one a spin as it sets the room just right. I was a massive Musiq Soulchild fan in my teens so it’s nice to be able to play something from that era with a slightly updated twist. A simple edit done to perfection.”
  3. FunkinEvil – In The Grid
    Moxie: “Really feeling the projects coming from the producers Funkinevil, which is made up of Funkineven & Kyle Hall. _In The Grid_ came out on Wild Oats recently and they’ve got some other gems floating about such as Igno which is due for a release date at some point this year.
  4. Jeremih – Fuck You All The Time (Kowton refix)
    Moxie: “Kowton is one of my favourite producers and has been for quite some time, I always look forward to hearing his new releases and I love what he’s done with this Jeremih track. One of my favourites to play out at the moment.”
  5. Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald – Electric Garden (Jazz In The Garden Mix)
    Moxie: “I picked this up the other day from Sounds Of The Universe in Soho and for me it’s all about the the Jazz In the Garden mix. Both of these producers coming together is the perfect match, and I love the build up in this track, especially the saxophone which is so subtle. The artwork is also beautifully done and perfectly matches the music.”  
  6. PY – Polyethers
    Moxie: “PY is a newish singer based in Brighton and has had a few underground releases out, but this is the one that has been getting her a lot of notice recently. I’ve been supporting this one on my NTS radio show and am keeping an ear out for what she does next.”
  7. Kanye West – On Sight
    Moxie: “This is a perfect example of how American rappers should do techno-inspired records. So on point and as ever Kanye is pushing for something new and is never afraid to push boundaries.”
  8. Wax 50005
    Moxie: “A great release by the German imprint Hardwax and one that is an undercover bubbler made by one of Shed’s aliases.”
  9. Soul Capsule – Lady Science
    Moxie: “Since buying this record it has never left my record box. I played it recently on a Boiler Room set and everyone was going crazy about it. A beautiful and timeless record that will never age.”
  10. Tina Moore – Nobody Better (Dem2 remix)
    Moxie: “A classic from 1998 and still sounds so fresh! I’ve been reviving this one recently and Tina Moore’s vocals on this are always getting me singing along. It takes me back to when I used to go to under-18 garage raves.”

Moxie will play the latest Need2Soul night at Bethnal Green’s Oval Space on Saturday 13th July alongside Lil Louis and Floating Points; get more on that here.

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