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13.04.2018, Words by dummymag

The 10 MCs under 19 who are set to blow, according to DJ Argue

The Radar Radio host selects 10 of his proteges from his revered live sets.

Last year, Radar Radio host DJ Argue launched his Under 19s set series in an attempt to unearth the next wave of talent in this thing called grime. Though he has recently received notoriety for THAT Jammer interview, he hasn’t lost his focus in nurturing the future leaders of the genre. The sets have been a great success, and these leaders of the new school have used Radar’s hefty platform to pay back the faith instilled into them by Argue.
Speaking to Dummy last year, Radar’s head of grime explained the concept behind the sets: “I thought to myself, ‘how am I gonna find the next crop of talented youngsters’, and thought let me take a risk and make it under 19s so I can find the rawest talent about.” A year on from the first Under 19s set, Argue’s class is soaring with flying colours. We got back in touch with him to check back on its progress, and his top 10 tips to shine in the next 365.


Argue: “Omega is a 17-year-old fiery MC from Surrey. He is by far the most improved out of the Under 19s.”


“Renz has massive potential to be one of the best lyrical MC’s in grime. He was one of the best MC’s from the first Under 19s set I did.”


“Straight out of Manchester, Aitch has a big future ahead of him. He’s such a versatile artist and he is definitely one to watch out for.”


” A former member of (Lewisham crew) The Square, Deema is now a solo artist focusing on rap as well as grime. He has a very unique flow and I’m looking to hearing some tracks from him.”


“The youngest member of the Under 19s – he has just turned 16 – I was aware of SBK a few years back and its frightening to think the guy isn’t 18 yet. I’m predicting a very big future for him.”


“When I first met Peace I knew there was something about him. We’ve worked hard together, developing him as an MC and artist and we have both recently been announced to perform at Bestival together, which is amazing.”


“Squintz was the first guy out of the Under 19s I heard that was equipped with tracks, he records constantly as he has a home studio. He has the capabilities to become one of the best of the bunch and I can’t wait to see how he develops”


“Straight out of Nottingham, Kaz is rated highly in the Midlands and his bars and flows are incredible. He is maybe the best young MC to come out of Notts.”

Tommy B

“Many people compare Tommy to a young Devlin and I can see why. I’ve been working with him closely for about a year and he has all the tools in his locker to be a huge success.”


“Yizzy is a massive talent his flow and wordplay is mental, he was maybe the most established MC of all of them and he has music coming out real soon so keep your eye out for it!”

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