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26.06.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

The 11 best late night techno tracks, according to Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery (who, as we always proudly mention, made the first ever Dummy Mix under the moniker of Stopmakingme back in 2009) is familiar with the late hours. When he’s not behind the decks at London’s fabric or in countless other glamourous locations around the world, he’s guiding listeners through the 11PM – 1AM slot on Rinse FM (on the fourth Monday of every month). For this list, he’s turned his attention to the spooky early hours (that particular time dubbed 3AM Eternal), picking the best of the late night techno needed to guide you into morning. Scroll down and dive in.

  1. Oni Ayhun – OAR003B
    Daniel Avery: “The ultimate definition of what this list is about. Just reading the comments on YouTube confirms it, everyone sharing their “beautiful moments” and “profound experiences” to this record. It sounds trite to an outsider but anyone who has been inside an acid house when it’s played at the right moment will know exactly what I’m talking about. It doesn’t get any better.”
  2. Lusine – Cirrus
    Daniel Avery: “I first heard this in one of Ewan Pearson’s mixes whilst travelling on a plane and it couldn’t have sounded more perfect. I wish it was twenty times longer.”
  3. Levon Vincent – Late Night Jam
    Daniel Avery: “The perfect modern (late night) techno record that works in all manner of settings. The synth line that never gives up and stays in your head for days. Levon Vincent is one of the best in the game right now.”
  4. Japancakes – Touched (Ricardo Tobar remix)
    Daniel Avery: “I find it difficult to describe how much I love this record, it just washes over me. There’s a definite scene of beautiful, droney techno rising up at the moment, something I’m very happy about. This is the figurehead.”
  5. The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar
    Daniel Avery: “‘You should feel what I feel / You should take what I take.’ Quite possibly Tom & Ed’s finest hour, this is such a majestic record. It’s interesting to read how Tom originally wrote it on guitar as it really has the feel of a band playing the final song in their set and giving it everything.”
  6. Rocketnumbernine – Matthew And Toby (Four Tet remix)
    Daniel Avery: “I’m a huge fan of what Four Tet does, he always manages to strike that balance between making really pretty tracks that can also sound huge in a club. He’s the master of live drums as well. This record sounds like the future.”
  7. A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray
    Daniel Avery: “Maybe an obvious choice but just imagine hearing this when it came out! Imagine how many minds it blew. The perfect late night track in which to lose yourself. The vocal on my track Water Jump is some kind of attempt at mimicking this record.”
  8. Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig remix)
    Daniel Avery: “Carl Craig is a master at knowing exactly what will work on a dancefloor. It’s relentlessly beautiful and pretty much the perfect ecstasy record.”
  9. Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s – Magnetic (Barnt remix)
    Daniel Avery: “Apologies for picking something with my name on it, but Barnt made something really special of his own with this rework. This is a track Justin Robertson and I did last year and when we got this remix back, we were floored. It’s a modern krautrock song for techno dancefloors, a hypnotic marriage of two of our favourite things.”
  10. Gunnar Wendel – 578 (Omar S Berlin Mix)
    Daniel Avery: “Omar S is another master at creating that 3AM feeling in his tracks. This really sounds like it comes from the future. When is all said and done, all you need is 16th hi hats in your life.”
  11. New Order – Your Silent Face
    Daniel Avery: “I’ve got to pick an eleventh track as, again, this is the definition of that special moment of being on a dancefloor with your best friends. A truly special, one-off band.”

Daniel Avery plays Bugged Out at XOYO, July 6th – get more information on that here.

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