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13.08.2012, Words by dummymag

The 10 national anthems you need to hear

Overall 205 countries took part in the 2012 Olympics, which means 205 national anthems were recorded. Whilst many are familiar with a few, there are also many hidden gems when it comes to national anthems, those which are often overlooked. Here are 10 which you may or may not have heard previously, but are definitely worth a listen:

  1. Nepal

    After two listens it already feels like a song you spent your childhood growing up to.
  2. Mauritane

    So many elements in this song make it a definite cracker of a national anthem
  3. Tajikstan

    Such a catchy tune
  4. Japan

    Some really nice vocals, imagine if Grimes didn’t own a computer.
  5. Eritrea

    For the first six seconds, this could easily be mistaken for a Richie Hawtin track.
  6. Italy

    Can’t help but feel that if HudMo and Lunice had got their hands on this and added some hardcore bass and massive drops it could have easily featured on the TNGHT EP.
  7. Nigeria

    The subtle drum beat in the background would work wonders as a sample.
  8. Sri Lanka

    Again, the percussion in this cheerful anthem works wonders.
  9. United States Virgin Islands

    Given, this is a karaoke version, but nevertheless sounds like a low key MIA sample. Potential for the new album maybe?
  10. Russia

    Empowering, the sort of song you imagine an emperor to listen to
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