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17.10.2012, Words by Aimee Cliff

The 10 best 'The Future Is Yet To Come' tracks, according to Kuedo

Jamie Teasdale, also known as Kuedo, leapt straight out of the dubstep-defining duo Vex’d to become a powerful force in dark and twisted electronic music in his own right with debut album ‘Severant’ released on Planet Mu this time last year. Read on to discover the pioneering producer’s top ten futuristic tracks, exclusively for Dummy.

  1. Alva Noto – Tek Part 1 (Xeroxx Vol 2)
    Supermodern intersates.
  2. The Renaissance – Dark Skies
    Creeping neo-memphis beat slow dive.
    (Editor’s note: this track is so of-the-future that no online audio actually exists for it yet.)
  3. Vatican Shadow – Whitewashed Compound Stealth Helicopter Crash
    Cool track about a whitewashed compound stealth helicopter crash.
  4. Bone Thugs & Harmony – Mo Murda
    Death enchantment.
  5. Mark Fell – Multistability
    Radical new form aerobics.
  6. Weather Report – Procession
    Ascendent synthetic jazz.
  7. Cocteau Twins – Victorialand
    Oceanic sublime.
  8. D’eon – Transparency Part III
    Metamodern splatteration.
  9. Fennesz – Venice
    Texture, heart and displacement.
  10. Japan – Gentleman Take Polaroids
    Artful pop with an angular melodic sophistication and production nuance that transcend the time stamp of creation.

Kuedo will perform an exclusive London show at the Village Underground, Shoreditch, on the 18th October, to launch the Italian festival at which he will also be headlining in November, Club to Club.

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