30.03.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Baby I'm Yours

We have a lot to thank BREAKBOT for. Not only has he breathed life into a very tired looking Ed Banger roster, he has made a really brilliant Boogie track. Ironic that a label synonymous with pushing electronic music forward in 2008 has now had to revert back to its roots for a pick-me-up.

During the 80s, Rene & Angela made really consuming synth-heavy Funk music. Just listen to I’ll Be Good. It’s Pop at its finest – deeply emotional, smile-inducing and cheesy in a way that the 80s captured best. The Gap Band made a song called Outstanding. Charming piano stabs and Disco bongos over a tightly wound globular bass line. Gets me everytime. Then there is Nick Straker’s Band Just a Little Bit of Jazz. I listen to these tracks almost daily. They never sound old.

Then, twenty years later, cartoonists Chromeo did it all again, brought it up to date and injected some fun onto the dancefloor – a sort of credible tribute band with their own tunes. One geek and a faux gangster armed with nothing but a talk box, rhythm guitar, synths and cheesy smiles whose sole mission was to make Pop music cool and funny all at the same time. Dam Funk is now doing Future Funk – he is a slightly more serious – Morgan Geist has been doing really classy Boogie for years and now we have Floating Points. Listen to that breakdown in Love Me Like This.

And today, Breakbot is here. He is Boogie through and through. Slightly compressed (but with flabby bassline in tact), Baby I’m Yours is another throwback to those years when Funk music sounded like the future (as opposed to today where Future Funk sounds like the past). The days when synth lasers, a glittery blazer and two-step dance moves were the only weapons needed to win a fight. The male diva vocals (courtesy of Irfane) along with the soft, warm keyboard melody set up the drop perfectly. This is epic dancefloor stuff. Slightly daft but held together by the fact that it is heartfelt. Madly in love. Not the soppy, stomach-churning kind. The sort celebrated on the dancefloor. Communal love, familial love, romantic love, self love. The sort that makes you want to dance.

If you like Future Funk download Computer Jay’s ‘Dummy Mix 26’ here

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