29.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Flickr photographer of the month: Daniel Schreiber

Every month, we ask someone from our Flickr group to show off their snaps and talk about their art. To kick the series off, we choose the brash, bold work of Vienna’s Daniel Schreiber. Click to open the gallery, and if you’re a photographer with a musical bent, get involved.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Graz, Austria and grew up in Vienna.

Where did you study?

School of hard knocks and some time on the jazz-university in Linz, Austria.

How did you become interested in photography?

Photography always was the artform I felt the closest to besides making music. I admired photographers like J├╝rgen Teller, Terry Richardson, Larry Clark and Dash Snow. Some years ago my cousin Daniela worked for Powerhousebooks in Dumbo/Brooklyn, I loved looking through all the great stuff. She gave me those brilliant Martha Cooper, Boogie and Jamel Shabazz books. I just got more and more into it but didn’t feel ready to try it myself. Last year my friend Clemens encouraged me to finally buy a cheap point&shoot get going. Thx bruv;)

How did you become involved with music?

My father is a musician. I grew up listening to Mingus, Miles, Sinatra etc. When I was ten I got a drumset and my twinbrother Fabian an electric guitar for our birthday so we could play our metal stuff. A little later we took our dad’s Kurzweil sampler and started producing hip hop beats.

What music is really inspiring you right now?

Dorian Concept and the whole Affine Records fam, my Supercity.at clique, Hudmo, James Blake, various deep house and Detroit techno stuff from the last decades.

Daniel Schreiber on Flickr // Dummy on Flickr

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