03.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy's 2nd birthday party, XOYO

Last week, as we may have mentioned once or twice, we took over London’s XOYO for our second birthday party. Snoretex started out with a beautifully textured set, followed by a visceral live show from Becoming Real, a housey mix from Pariah and bracing acid brightness from Lone. Headlining was Actress, who was booked for a DJ set, but turned up with his kit and told us he was doing a live set, all new material. Predictably, it was an amazing set, moving from the pure, aggressive body music of some of his recent remixes to hypnotic energy. Really, really good, seriously.

Massive thanks to everyone who played and everyone who came along, and do keep your eyes peeled for more ‘IRL’ adventures coming soon – including a trip to Texas for South By South West and a DJ booking we’re very excited about – but for now, click the pictures to open the viewer and remember that night.

All photography: Megan Sharp

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