19.04.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Feeding Werk

I live in Brixton. I mention this because over the last few months some really good music nights have been happening in SW2. There’s Brixton Academy of course, the ever-reliable Windmill, new-ish venue The Rest Is Noise, and the revamped Plan B where at the end of May the excellent Mount Kimbie will throw an album launch party. A week ago I headed down to the latter for Feeding Werk, a collaborative affair with Feeding Time and Werk Discs. On the bill: A Guy Called Gerald, Actress, Lone, Dave ID, Gyratory System and Pariah. It’s the kind of line-up that would usually have me boarding the tube eastwards (again) but to have it on my doorstep, well, what a treat. It was a great night. Here are some of my favourite bits:

Dave I.D rocking out
“I’m Dave and these are my friends,” said the man with the electric guitar gesturing to the drummer and synth player on stage with him. The trio then launched into an abrasive yet peculiarly warming industrial mesh of taut beats and misshapen sounds that twisted and turned into sparky melodies. Over them, Dave’s droney vocals felt like coded instructions. I found out after that this was his first live gig.

Dosey doe-ing to Gyratory System
Three different men, the elder of whom turned out to be the father of Gyratory System mainman Andrew Blick, took to the stage with an array of brass and woodwind instruments. It sounded like they were playing them through a vocoder or box of electronic tricks. It was very rousing stuff, like an Arabian take on a ceilidh. Some of the crowd took the cue and began dosey doe-ing their partners. The fact they looked like they were usually more at home dancing to dubstep was all the more heart-warming.

Lone showcasing new album material
Out of nowhere, Werk Disc’s Lone completely and utterly melted my brain in the very best of ways. His live set of new material showed real game-upping; the depth and warmth of his post-dubstep sounds putting him in the league of Floating Points, Joy Orbison et al. His new album is going to cause a ruckus, yep siree.

Making new rave friends
Remember when you used to go to clubs and meet new people? This was one of those nights. Not in a sweaty hug way (though there’s nothing wrong with a well-timed spot of perspiration-soaked affection) but in an open, smiley, friendly way. I didn’t see one jaded blank stare all night. Hallelujah.

A Guy Called Gerald going deep
I’d been really looking forward to seeing this man. He didn’t disappoint but for the first 30 minutes he had me seriously worried. It was just really heavy, a little too much for me. I couldn’t hear a way in. In a complete turnabout, the last hour however was sublime. Snatches of classic vocals were teased between layers of looping heady house rhythms, mixed live on two laptops. Voodoo Ray didn’t get a look-in but somehow it didn’t matter. I didn’t see him smile once. This man was serious. Serious about house music. And hats off to him.

Double act from Actress and Honest Jon’s Paddy
Despite exceeding good WTF sounds from the phenomenally talented Werk Discs numero uno and the man releasing his upcoming new album ‘Splazsh’, I had to call it a night. Tiredness won. And the best bit was bed was 10 minutes up the road.

Feeding Time host a stage at Stag & Dagger on 21st May with Sian Alice Group, A Place To Bury Strangers, Active Child, Yuck and Comanechi.

Werk Disc’s website
Feeding Time’s myspace

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