26.04.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Honey Comb

Famed for being the oldest town in England, the home of Blur, drunk Squaddies and the eponymous Essex Girl, Colchester doesn’t seem to fit into the mould of Techno/Dance Mecca. MATT WALSH is here to help change that.

I first became aware of Matt, when he used to play at Route around 2007. Styled heavily on the success of Trash, Durr and Adventures in The Beetroot Field, Matt moved on to residencies at Bugged Out! and T Bar after being picked up by Tiga and Turbo records.

The ‘Honey Comb EP’, released by Wax:On Music, marks Matt’s first solo release. It encapsulates the deep and driving sound of Berlin beautifully. The title track is a swarm of dark revolving basslines, arpeggiated acid synths, sub kicks, atmospheric pads and percussive insanities. As for the breakdown: imagine actually being mental, trapped inside a twisted asylum. Electro-shock therapy for the synapses.

The B-side, Radar, takes this insanity to an even darker, dirtier dancefloor workout, screaming in your face from the outset. Relentless basslines, blips and beats never lose momentum. Perfect for the sweaty dancefloor this track was born for.

No EP would be complete without the remix package and the official release sees interpretations of Honey Comb by Camel (dancefloor), People Get Real (gritty and granular) Monsieur Monsuier (disturbingly dark). The gold medal goes to Camel for their club-orientated and bouncy, slightly formulaic remix that pushes the right buttons. And a massive ‘highly commended’ to Monsieur Monsieur who should have their remix committed under the Mental Health Act.

A really strong debut EP from Matt Walsh. Highly anticipated and it delivers, highlighting exactly why his DJ sets and productions have become such big news with all the right people.


Matt is DJing at the next Bugged Out! on May 1. Get Tickets

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