26.02.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Jayne Helliwell gallery

Having worked with Joy Orbison, Banjo Or Freakout, Hounds Of Hate, The Big Pink and Crystal Fighters amongst others, London-based graphic designer JAYNE HELLIWELL has forged a reputation for exciting, instinctive and innovative design. “I think it’s all about making sure what you design has a purpose, that it’s doing it’s job,” she explains over the phone on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Having graduated with a degree in illustration and animation from Kingston a few years ago, she moved into graphic design because of the freedom it offered her. “I like changing the way I work for whoever I’m working for; it’s about how they want to come across,” she says. She’s as inspired by Bauhaus school of thinking (“good for your design education: simplicity and function”) as she is the “brilliantly autonomous vanguard” Klaus Pinter and the “surreal, precocious and unconventional” Encyclopedia Pictura. It’s that appreciation of both simplicity and surrealism that gives her design real freshness and edge. With an exhibition and book on the cards with friends/collective Leg Mountain, alongside her record cover art and video directing work, this year looks set to be hers. It’s something she’s very much taking in her stride, saying “it’s only really in the last year that it’s come together and now it’s all I do, just design.”

Text: Ruth Saxelby

Jayne talks us through her work in the gallery below. Click any image to open the gallery.

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