14.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Flickr photographer of the month: Kezia Levitas

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Where did you grow up?

I’ve lived in East London all my life, nothing too exciting; we have a dilapidated cinema and a bargain booze.

Where did you study?

The London College of Communication

How did you get involved with photography?

A few years ago I found an old point and shoot I’d had as a kid lying around at home. It started off just as a bit of fun I guess, taking unflattering photos of intoxicated friends. From then on it just started to slowly take over my life, and the cameras started to slowly take over my shelves. I now do a bit of freelance work for a couple of magazines and I work as Art Against Knives Official Photographer. It’s only really been in the past year that I’ve started to take this seriously and things have begun to take off, I feel like I’m just starting out!

How did you get involved photographing Odd Future?

The odd future job came about like most good things do, by getting drunk and meeting the right people. I have a friend who works in the offices on the roof of the Village Underground; they had a BBQ there one evening and I got talking to a girl who works for the venue. I do a bit of work for the Vice photo blog and the venue was interested in having someone photos from the Odd Future show sent over to Vice and for use on their own website.

What’s next?
Hopefully a bit more live music photography, I’m enjoying that at the moment.
What I really want to do is have a bit of fun with darkroom techniques and pinhole cameras, I went to a really amazing exhibition at the V&A a few months ago, shadow catchers? About camera less photography, yeah I want to play around with that.

What music are you listening to at the moment?
Angry rap and angsty indie bands. They totally understand me.

Kezia’s website

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