21.01.2013, Words by dummymag

'Lord Knows', a play by Dean Blunt

Last month it was reported that Hype Williams’ Dean Blunt was staging a play in Switzerland, which sounded both entirely expected (Hype Williams’ live shows border on performance art as it is) and exactly the sort of bizarre misinformation that the duo deliberately perpetuate. Still, the play did go ahead, taking place at Le Romandie in Lausanne, Switzerland following a Hype Williams show, and there is a black and white photo gallery of the performance below.

Joseph Stannard’s profile of the duo in The Wire describes how they often “confront straightforward questions with sarcasm and hiphop namedrops”, so the name of the play should come as no surprise – Lord Knows, something we can only assume is a reference to Drake’s bombastic, Just Blaze-produced, Rick Ross-featuring track of the same name. Again, this is coming from Dean Blunt, whose collaboration with James Ferraro goes by the name Watch The Throne.

The photos come courtesy of Nelly Rodriguez.

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