08.08.2011, Words by dummymag

Oneohtrix Point Never

There was a wave of people slowly strolling towards the Blogger’s Delight/ Lanzarote stage before Oneohtrix Point Never even started playing. Some went to the centre of the tent while others scattered and sat on the patch of grass nearby. There was a relaxed atmosphere in general. Mood-stirring and mind-altering, Daniel Lopatin’s music is so intensely layered and deep it almost belongs to the dark, that’s why seeing his live set in the daylight was interesting.

As Lopatin stepped on stage, the crowd went somewhat quieter, and paid full attention, facing towards him. Smiling under a cap that says ‘Celtic’, he seemed totally in his element; Lopatin started out with some dancey, occasionally bassy and thick sample-oriented sounds to loosen up the audience, and carried on with this direction until he dropped Describing Bodies from last year’s ‘Returnal’ LP. This track marked the transition of his set – the supple, pulsating grooves slightly broke down into some experimental, skittering, sparse beats, and finally decelerated into some slow, slithering keyboard chords that sounded like a hypnotic birdsong. Over the course of 45 minutes, Oneohtrix Point Never provided a diverse and intimate live set that allow for total immersion inside his fluidy and glitchy precision.

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