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13.02.2018, Words by dummymag

Premiere: S280F & Echavox - force fed

As you might have figured from our '10 Best Indie Labels of 2017'  list, TAR isn’t a record label that shies away from quality and quantity. As a matter of fact, they’ve already kick-started the year with two powerful releases from French-based producer GRIG and Terrorhythm affiliate Patrick Brian. We’re now a month or so into 2018 and the Los Angeles-based imprint, led by Paul Preston aka. PBDY continues to surpass itself with a mind-boggling new project from S280F & Echavox.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the electronic duo whips up a distinct cocktail of heavily trap influenced drums, harsh, industrial textures as well as intricate sci-fi-esque sound design – harmoniously interlinking into one hostile and unapologetic environment. Whilst experimenting with notions of gender identity and social constructs through their mysterious online presence, the pair is pushing the boundaries of sound design and low-end frequencies to lofty new heights. From it's unusual arrangement to it's eerie production, the opening track of their 3-track EP 'nlt', showcases unproportionate amounts of firepower, enough to soundtrack the next 'Alien' sequel or get treated to a well-deserved reload in any respectful club. Listen to ‘force fed’ exclusively below.

Out on February 16th via TAR.

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